Micheal Jackson Sightings - GTFOH !!

I was sitting here watching the funeral on CNN and surfing the 'nets when I came across this video. The bullsh!t is beginning already! I guess when you were a megastar like MJJ was, it's hard for folk to just let go. Hell, folks still are spotting Elvis and he's been dead for years!

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine (heyyyy, Katrina!) about MJJ and she told me that she thinks that he isn't even dead! I asked her why she thought that and she told me that he was faking his death because he was tired of the stardom and he wanted to just live a normal life.

I have to disagree with her there because NOTHING about MJJ is, was and will ever be just normal. By the way, are they really selling tickets to his funeral? I read where people are scalping them on Ebay and Craig's List....
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150 Years Aint Nothing!

After Bernie Madoff’s 150-year sentence last month, who woulda thought that someone could get more time than that?

Arthur Sease, a former Memphis police officer who also was an aspiring rap music producer, is the main defendant from a series of public-corruption investigations that over the past six years that have produced indictments and guilty pleas from more than 48 law enforcement officers from six different agencies. Sease also is the first to take his case to a trial.

"It's been like a black cloud over my head," said Sease, adding that he has been in federal custody for 30 months waiting for his case to be heard. "I'm ready to get it behind me and get it over with and let God make a decision."

Well, the jury and not God made a decision. Guilty on 44 counts stemming from shakedowns of drug dealers for money, drugs and merchandise. Sease's convictionincluded conspiracy charges involving drugs, extortion, civil rights violations, kidnapping, money laundering and illegal use of firearms.

After refusing a plea deal and a lighter sentence, this cat demanded a trial and was convicted in February on so many damned counts of official corruption that it took the judge half an hour to read the jury's verdict. His sentence announced Tuesday:

life in prison, plus a mandatory consecutive 255 years

"This is not an illusory sentence," said U.S. Dist. Court Judge Jon McCalla, noting there is no parole in the federal system. "This is a real one in which the numbers are real and the punishment is genuine. It is a long sentence and it is what is required by the law, the facts and the circumstances."

The five co-defendants in this case got off by pleading guilty and cooperating with investigators.

Former reserve officer Andrew Hunt: 19 years in prison, later reduced to 10 years after testifying against Sease

Former officer Antoine Owens: 5 years, 3 months

Former officer Alexander Johnson: 2 years, 6 months

Civilian Laterrica Woods: 3 years

Former officer Harold McCall: 3 years probation

According to evidence and testimony in his nine-day trial, Sease conspired with drug dealers to arrange drug buys, then robbed those dealers as they arrived or left the designated location and 16 similar robberies were committed between 2003 and 2006 before one dealer complained to the police that Sease had robbed him of $32,000 in cash. I wonder how that cat came to the conclusion that he was gonna go to the cops and tell them that a cop robbed him of his drug money!

Damned good thing he didn't kill their dog too!
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The Air Up There

Steve McNair was found dead Saturday in Nashville, Tenn., according to Nashville police.

McNair suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head in downtown Nashville. A female victim was also found dead. Police have not released the name of the female, only to say that it was not McNair's wife, Mechelle.

The call to police came in at 1:35 PM. The circumstances surrounding the shooting deaths still remain under active investigation. There were no signs of forced entry at the crime scene and no suspects have been taken into custody.

A Nashville police spokesman identified the woman as Sahel Kazemi, a "friend" of McNair's. A pistol was found near her body. She suffered a single gunshot wound to the head, police say, and McNair "was shot multiple times."

Titans owner K.S. "Bud" Adams Jr. released this statement: "We are saddened and shocked to hear the news of Steve McNair's passing today. He was one of the finest players to play for our organization and one of the most beloved players by our fans. He played with unquestioned heart and leadership and led us to places that we had never reached, including our only Super Bowl. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family as they deal with his untimely passing."
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The news was shocking. It seems as if MJJ was a family member. I remember back in the day when I was getting my hair done @ Gandy's. Dad and I went on thursdays and when I got to school on Friday, I would tell all my schoolmates that I was the 6th Jackson! Ya know, the one Joe never talked about. Talking bad about Mike would get you punched in the face.

There's a story about him and his brothers doing a mini-concert in South Memphis on top of a building. I don't know how true this is because I have heard plenty of people talking about it but no one has ever said that they were actually there. Might be an urban legend, who knows.....

But I did go to the Triumph tour. The Jacksons' 1981 Triumph Tour began in Memphis, Tennessee and ended in Los Angeles. The Jacksons set a record breaking 4 sold out concerts in Los Angeles. I was twelve and can still remember what I had on. Dark blue baggies and a white and blue no-collar shirt. Our seats were so high up in the Coliseum, I almost had to bend over when we got up to dance. Dancing all in the aisles.

Over the years, my love for MJJ has lessened while my appreciation of his music stayed the same but hell, I liked the black Mike. I aint scared to say it. I just never could get with the straightened hair and the bleached skin but the cat is still the greatest entertainer ever to me.

Yeah, music died yesterday and the world will miss you!
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Cough It Up, Al!

The lawsuit in Shelby County Circuit Court against Al Sharpton's New York City-based National Action Network seeks nearly $70,000. The Peabody Hotel in Memphis has filed a lawsuit against the Rev. Al Sharpton's civil rights group claiming some bills from a convention last year haven't been paid. The lawsuit in Shelby County Circuit Court against Sharpton's New York City-based National Action Network seeks nearly $70,000. The National Action Network said in a statement Friday that "some convention participants made unauthorized expenditures" during the meeting and it wants to resolve the outstanding issues. The group's 2008 convention brought thousands of members to Memphis to mark the 40th anniversary of the assassination of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King in the city.

And by the looks of things, Al needs to pay his hairdresser too!
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